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Congratulations to all of our Finalists!

With many ventures taking off from viral internet campaigns, the Carolina Challenge is happy to introduce this new award. In the week leading up to the final pitches, we will be asking teams to share their videos on social media platforms. The Team to gain the most “buzz,” through these platforms will be awarded an additional monetary prize! 

Please vote for your favorite pitch here


Early Stage Non Social

Chapel Zill

Bringing centralization and social networking into the off-campus housing market.


Jump Start

JumpStart will solve the dead phone battery problem by providing a network of portable phone charge rentals distributed throughout cities



Fetch is the only Item Retrieval Service enabling coordination between users, delivery personnel, and a friend to retrieve an item.


Fein Artistry

Fein Artistry is an art marketing business. It does the marketing for artist, something no one else is doing. 


EcoMode Bulk Market 

ECO MODE Bulk Market is a kiosk designed to act as a refill station for cleaning and household products to cut down on wasteful packaging.


Early Stage Social 


Concord exists to allows users to bridge the political sphere, engage in constructive conversation, and confront local injustices.


Easy Access

Easy Access builds college search and advising tools to help low-income and 1st gen students access college & careers.


Full Circle 

Full Circle provides closed-loop solutions for local food economies by procuring affordable compostable packaging and compost program membership. 

MUSE Biomedical

MUSE Biomedical develops medical devices and data-driven diagnostic tools to prevent opioid addictions.


Themis minimizes hospital overcharge by allowing patients to compare their itemized bill with national average from hospitals across the nation.


Late Stage Non Social 

JALI Jewelry 

JALI Jewelry provides chic, versatile, and affordable sustainable jewelry alternatives to reduce waste and harm from the fast fashion industry.



LabMojo engages prospective STEM graduate students with a search engine that allows them to quickly find labs fitting their preferences.


MamaVero’s African Fabrics

MamaVero’s African Fabric serves to satisfy African fabric needs for African fashion needs through Ecommerce.



Simply Coils

Simply Coils Pitch 

Simply Coils is a hair company focused on providing non-irritating quality products for people with coily, curly, and wavy hair.



Using UVC technology, UltraLoop portably sanitizes items in under a minute, eliminating pathogens and bacteria such as COVID-19.


Late Stage Social 


HALOSCOPE is a digital news media platform by (and for) Generation Z. We’re reinventing how we think about the news.



Pink STREAM is an organization to educate and empower K-8 women in STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, Math)



QUVI revolutionizes how people sanitize their water bottles, using UV-C light to kill germs on the interior and exterior of water bottles.


The Street Brand

A clothing brand that allows customers to represent their community while financially supporting the small businesses within it. 


Vintage by Caro 

Vintage by Caro extends a love for vintage pieces and for those that wore them first. It is a platform for lovers of vintage to find beautiful, one-of-a-kind clothing AND learn more about the health disparities that older Americans face.