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Carolina Challenge Pitch Party

THANK YOU for participating in the Carolina Challenge Pitch Party, Blue Zone Kenan Stadium, Mon Nov 14th 5:30pm-8pm!

Congratulations to our Top Teams! Ads Against Hillary – AudioAnything – Compare Carolina – ConnectBook – Cousin Wins – GymNOW Fitness – In-Form Athletics – Monikos – Quell – So Good Pupusas

2016 Carolina Challenge Finals

THANK YOU to the UNC Board of Visitors (BOV), the Carolina Challenge Leadership Team, and 325+ student entrepreneurs that participated in the ’16-’17 academic year!

From over 50 UNC undergrad teams that applied, the 2016 Carolina Challenge Finals April 7th results are:

1st: Unisource

Unisource is an online platform that connects startups and students through individual projects, overcoming the time and experience limitations of college students and resource constraints of early stage companies. The enhanced profile matching features for collaboration extend beyond the traditional internship model. With Unisource’s project-based work opportunities, time, duration, compensation, location and type of work are all flexible factors.

2nd: Talk with Sam

Talk With Sam is the only mobile platform that allows students in Asia to practice spoken English with American tutors – anytime, anyplace. There is no need to schedule in advance or pay large fees up front; Talk With Sam is a pay-as-you-go service.

3rd: LineLeader

LineLeader is a mobile fast pass that allows patrons to pay to skip lines at their favorite restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. The platform provides a dynamic pricing solution for venues to easily begin generating additional revenue, all without compromising overall customer satisfaction. Only after a LineLeader skip is purchased and redeemed will another become available, but now at a higher price. A portion of each transaction is donated to a charity of the venue’s choice.

4th: HoneyHalo

HoneyHalo is a new and unique beehive design that is aimed at cutting down the winter loss rates for beekeepers. Last winter, beekeepers experienced an average loss rate of 42%. HoneyHalo aims to cut that down significantly through a round design that reduces cold spots, while also allowing bees to naturally congregate in the middle of the hive to keep the queen warm. By reducing the number of bees lost every year, beekeepers save money and humans benefit from a thriving bee population.

5th: The Bridge

The Bridge is an online publication for Black and Latina women, featuring content ranging from creative writing and articles to studio art, podcasts, and other visual media. Users can submit their own content to be displayed and share their thoughts in a live feed. The platform aims to validate the experiences and identities of Black and Latina collegiate women and provide a place for these women to exchange shared stories and experiences.

6th: SyllaSync

SyllaSync is a syllabus creation and maintenance tool for faculty members that helps their syllabi abide by university standards and convey accurate, sufficient information to the student. SyllaSync also comes in the form of a mobile app that notifies and reminds students of any changes to the syllabus, especially regarding tests or big assignments.

7th: MissDevelopIT

MissDevelopIT is a summer camp and after school program designed for elementary and middle school girls that aims to interest girls in computer science and give them the confidence they need to succeed in the field at a young age. The program consists of in-classroom learning, application through the form of interest-related projects, and practice through educational games.

8th: Helping Hand Project

The Helping Hand Project is an organization that prints 3D prosthetic hands for children who cannot use or afford traditional devices. The Helping Hands Project uses open-source designs as well as custom designs. The prosthetic devices produced for these kids are free of charge and can be made for $30 or less. These 3D hands help these children not only physically, but also renew their confidence and hope.

9th: Morph

Morph manages all of the delivery drivers in a community to be used by Restaurants and Restaurant Delivery Services (R/RDS) on a per-order basis. We are the only company in the region that supports the R/RDS need of driver management and recruitment, with plans to grow our consulting, logistics, and data offerings. We help our customers to improve their delivery. Small businesses don’t need to worry about hiring and managing drivers, and large delivery-oriented companies can rely on Morph to provide extra drivers in times of high demand.

10th: Solar Head of State

Solar Head of State fosters support for solar panel projects and pledged energy targets by installing solar panels on influential government buildings in different countries. Through these panels, the country and its leaders set a noble example to its citizens and the global community that they are actively working towards–not just talking about–reaching higher environmental standards. The installed panels promote the technology and have a positive spin-off effect, encouraging more local projects.